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Legal Basis

The underlying legal basis of the Company’ CSR includes, among other:

                      1. Laws of No. 40 Year 2007 on Limited Liability Company;
                      2. Laws of No. 8 Year 1999 on Customer Protection;
                      3. Laws of No. 13 Year 2003 on Manpower;
                      4. OJK Regulation No. 1/POJK.07/2013 on Consumer Protection of Financial Service Sector;
                      5. OJK Circular Letter No. 2/SEOJK.07/2014 on Handling and Resolution of Consumers Complaints at Financial Services Businesses;
                      6. OJK Regulation No. 76/POJK.07/2017 on Raising Financial Literacy and Inclusion in the Financial Services Sector for Consumers and/or the Public;
                      7. OJK Circular Letter No. 30/SEOJK.07/2017 on Implementation of Activities in order to Increase Financial Literacy;
                      8. OJK Circular Letter No. 31/SEOJK.07/2017 on Implementation of Activities in order to Increase Financial Inclusion;
                      9. OJK Regulation No. 18/POJK.07/2018 on Consumer Complaint Service in the Financial Services Sector;
                      10. The Board of Director of PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk Decree Letter No. 432/HC-STU/ VII/2016 on Company’s Regulation.

                      Program CSR

                      1. Social and Community Development
                        As a part of the community, Trimegah is committed to contributing to social and community development. Through series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, the Company tries to build initiatives that can benefit the community.
                      2. Environment
                        As a Financial Service Industry Player, the Company operates in a sector which is not involved an activity that potentially harms or threatens the environment directly. However, the Company cares the environment, and is committed to contributing to the environment according to the Company’s scope of activity.
                      3. Employment, Health and Work Safety Practices
                        Employee is one of the Company’s main assets. To establish a sustainable business, the Company pays serious attention to Employment, Health and Work Safety (K3) Practices to protect the employees and create a safe and conducive working situation.
                      4. Responsibilities to Clients
                        The Company always prioritizes client’s interests in conducting its business. This commitment is realized in the implementation of client protection principles in all business activities of the Company, which is consistently improved from time to time.
                        1. Complaint Handling Channel
                          The Company has implemented a number of strategic measures to foster good relationship and communications with clients. To improve services to the clients, the Company has provided customer handling channel through various communications channels, which are:
                          1. Call Center Unit is responsible for all clients’ questions, complaints, or recommendations through Call Center.
                            t. +62-21 2924 9000

                            e. callcenter@trimegah.com
                          2. Website: www.trimegah.com/contact-us
                          3. Instagram: @trimegahsekuritas
                        2. Handling Follow Up
                          From incoming complaints, Call Center will analyzes and check the complaints and follow up by providing solution directly to the clients, or forwarding the complaints to the related working units if it’s needed. Call Center Unit will cooperate with related working units to ensure that given solution is accurate, quick and satisfied with the given solution.
                      5. Financial Literacy Education & Inclusion
                        The Company actively carries out various financial literacy education & inclusion activities. In addition to complying with provisions in Financial Service Authority (OJK) Regulation Number 1/POJK.07/2013 concerning Consumer Protection in Financial Service Sector, OJK Circular Letter Number 1/SEOJK.07/2014 concerning Education to Develop Financial Literacy for Consumer and/or Public, OJK Regulation Number 76/POJK.07/2016 concerning Improvement of Financial Literacy and Inclusion in Financial Service Sector for Consumers and/or Public, the activities also departed from the Company’s belief that sustainable growth of the Indonesia’s capital market in long-term shall be started from good and sufficient understanding in the capital market by the society as early as possible. This is also in line with the Company’s mission to "Educate and create wealth for the community through unique and professional investment experience".

                        To comply with provisions in the OJK Circular Letter Number 30/SEJOK.07/2017 concerning Implementation of Activity to Develop Financial Literacy in Financial Service Sector, and OJK Circular Letter Number 31/SEOJK.07/2017 concerning Implementation of Activity to Develop Financial Inclusion in Financial Service Sector, the Company has established Financial Literacy and Inclusion Working Unit directly under the President Director.