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CSR Activities

Understanding that Trimegah is a part of the society, Trimegah always tries to keep in present while showing its care and responsibility to the community through series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in social community area. 

Here are the company's social activities that were implemented:

  1. Assistance for employees affected by the flood disaster.
    This activity was a realization of the Company’s care for employees who became a flood victims in early 2021.
  2. Participation in the COVID-19 Fundraising Assistance with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI), Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI).
    As a celebration of the 44th Anniversary of the Reactivation of the Indonesia Capital Market, together with IDX, KPEI, and KSEI, the Company provided funding support for COVID-19 Assistance, which was taken from the brokerage commission on August 9, 2021. The funds were used for compensation for health workers, assistance to public funeral workers, vaccination centers, Oxygen for Indonesia Movement, assistance to COVID-19 emergency hospitals, and other humanitarian activities.
  3. Humanitarian Assistance for Victims of the Mount Semeru Eruption, donated through the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DKI Jakarta Province.
    PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk together with its subsidiary, PT Trimegah Asset Management, donated a funds to help ease the suffering of the victims of Mount Semeru Eruption. The funds were donated through the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DKI Jakarta Province on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.