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Investment Banking


Capital market provides companies with wide array of corporate actions in an effort to expand their businesses.  From capital market-related transactions such as equity offerings, bonds issuance, merger & acquisition, divestment, to advisory-related deals such as business valuation and restructuring, the capital market offers companies looking to raise funds more options than traditional banking world. IPO is a process of initial public offering of securities by a company to general public. The proceeds from the offerings can be used for business development purposes. Another tool to acquire additional funds is through rights issue, private placement, divestment transaction or issuing fixed income instruments. Identifying and executing the corporate actions that is the most suitable to the company is very critical in achieving the companies’ objectives.

Trimegah has more than 25 years of experience in handling various transactions in the capital markets. Trimegah Investment Banking (IB) Division provides financial services such as equity and bond underwriting as well as financial advisory services. Supported by professional and experienced team, IB Division becomes one of many advantages and value added of Trimegah.

Equity and Bond Underwriting

With a wide experience in underwriting business, Trimegah has positioned itself as one of the leading underwriters in Indonesia. A solid IB team always provides the best service in the corporate action process.

As an underwriter, Trimegah coordinates the issuance process and helps clients to:

  1. Manage and coordinate supporting professionals;
  2. Prepare the prospectus, summary and other documentations required;
  3. Prepare transaction structure and analyze market conditions;
  4. Create marketing programs and sales campaign to maximize the offering result;
  5. Build corporate image during the issuance process.


Trimegah has earned approval to conduct service as an arranger of securities through private placement that cover:

  1. Medium Term Notes (MTN);
  2. Promissory Notes (PN);
  3. Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD);
  4. Convertible Bonds;
  5. Mandatory Convertible Bonds.

Financial Advisory Services

    Trimegah also provides financial advisory services for companies that plan to increase its shareholders value. The services include:

      1. Merger & Acquisition;
      2. Privatization & Divestment;
      3. Tender Offer;
      4. Pre-IPO Financing & Pre-IPO Advisory;
      5. Rights Issue;
      6. Business Valuation;
      7. Assets Disposal.

      Profile and Track Record

      Equity Underwriting

      Trimegah is active in equity underwriting business, and since its inception, has assisted IPOs of 34 companies with total transaction value of more than Rp10.3 trillion.

      Several equity underwriting done by Trimegah:

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      Bonds Underwriting

      Trimegah is also active in bond issuance, and has assisted of more than 150 bond issuances with a total transaction value of more than Rp190 trillion and US$100 million.

      Several bonds underwriting done by Trimegah in last two years:

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