Products and Services

Institutional Clients


We provide transaction service in primary and secondary market for fixed income instruments both in rupiah and foreign exchange. These services are supported by our role as one of the Primary Dealers appointed by the Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (MoF) as a participant in Government Securities, and also as a Selling Agent of Retail Government Bonds / Retail Government Sharia Bonds (Retail Government Sukuk). Corporate fixed income instruments/corporate bonds transaction services are also carried out related to our role as a bond underwriter. In the secondary market, Trimegah is among the most active securities companies in providing bond transaction services to investors. 

We are entrusted to be one of the Primary Dealers for Government Bonds together with 16 banks and 4 other securities companies, with Trimegah being the only private securities company. As a Primary Dealer, Trimegah holds an exclusive right to participate in Government Bonds primary auction, to participate in Government Bonds redemption and debt switching auction. In 2017, Trimegah was awarded Best Primary Dealer from the MoF.

Our institutional clients are comprised of banks, insurance companies, fund managers, pension funds, and other distribution partners. We are also supported by a Research team that provides comprehensive analysis and guidance as a reference for investment decision making.

Primary Market

  1. Government Securities Primary Auction
    As a participant in the auction, Trimegah assists clients in the primary auction of 
    government Securities;
  2. Government Securities Private Placement 
    Trimegah facilitates direct purchasing transaction for investor through negotiation process from Primary Dealers to the MoF;
  3. Retail Government Securities Offering
    Trimegah is selected as a Selling Agents in the initial public offering of Retail Government Bonds (ORI, SBR) and also for Retail Sharia Government Bonds (SR, ST). Trimegah then distributes the Retail Government Bonds through its head office and branches, as well as its distribution partners;
  4. Corporate Bond Offering:
    As one of the most active corporate bonds underwriters, Trimegah also conducts as selling agent of bonds that it underwrites.

Secondary Market

  1. Bond Brokerage 
    Assists clients in fixed income securities transaction in the secondary market, especially Government Bonds and corporate bonds, with the best quality service;
  2. Government Securities Redemption and Debt Switching Auction
    As an auction participant, Trimegah facilitates client to participate in the auction.