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Successfully gaining trust from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the sale of Retail Government Bond (“ORI”), Retail Sharia Government Bond (“SR”), Saving Bond Retail (“SBR”) and Saving Sukuk (“ST”), now PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk (“Trimegah”) is trusted by the Government to be Selling Agent of Government Bonds for Retail Investors in the Domestic Primary Market for Fiscal Year 2017.

Retail Government Bonds are debt securities issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and designed to be affortable for the public (minimum subscription is only Rp5 million). Retail Government Bonds are issued to meet financing needs of the state budget, issued annually and can be traded among investors. The Government Bonds for Retail Investors to be issued are Retail Government Bond Series ORI014 which the sale will start on September 29, 2017. The following is the detailed information about the ORI014.

Structure of Retail Government Bond Series ORI014:



Retail Government Bond Series ORI014 



Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Offering Period 


September 29 - October 19, 2017*

Allotment Date


October 23, 2017

Settlement/Issuance Date


October 25, 2017

Listing Date at the Indonesia Stock Exchange


October 26, 2017

Maturity Date


October 25, 2020 (3-year tenor)

Nominal Value per Unit


Rp1,000,000 (one million Rupiah)

Minimum Subscription


Rp5,000,000 (five million Rupiah) and its fold

Maximum Subscription


Rp3,000,000,000 (three billion Rupiah)

Coupon Rate


5.85% (five point eighty-five) per year

Minimum Holding Period (MHP)


2 (two) times coupon payment

First Coupon Date


November 15, 2017




Selling Agents


18 Commercial Banks and 1 Securities Company appointed by the Government

Coupon and Principal Paying Agent


Bank Indonesia

*subject to quota availability


For further information, please contact:   

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E-mail            : fit@trimegah.com

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