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Our business unit provides bond transactions in both the primary and secondary market. Its activity in the primary market is in relation to Trimegah Sekuritas′ role as lead underwriter and/or as underwriter of bonds, and/or as a participant in government bond auction and as a selling agent of retail government bonds. In the secondary market, Trimegah is actively catering investors in bond transactions

Trimegah is one of the primary dealers for government bonds together with 14 banks and 3 other securities companies, with Trimegah Securities being the only private securities company. As a primary dealer, Trimegah holds an exclusive right to participate in government bond auction and to participate in state bond debt-switching or redemption.

Fixed Income Trading′s clients are mostly comprised of institutions such as insurance companies, fund managers, pension funds, banks and other securities companies. Since 2006, retail clients began to actively participate in bond trading due to the increasing variety of retail investment products in the market that can accommodate retail clients. However, institutional investors still dominate the trading value.


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